Roaring Spring Paper Products and Whitelines®
Virtual Product Innovation Team

For Traditional and Non-Traditional College and University Students

At Roaring Spring Paper Products, education is always in our thoughts and minds when we develop and choose to distribute products. Roaring Spring Paper Products along with Whitelines® Paper is proud to bring you a very unique product that we feel brings our love of paper along with our love of technology together like never before. Even though this product is developed with a wide range of people in mind, we have been tremendously inspired by the outpouring of support and enthusiasm from our college market. As always, our American college and university students have demonstrated unique uses and inspiring testimonies of this new product. We would like to keep the momentum going and offer our college and university students a very unique opportunity. We would like to invite traditional and non-traditional college and university students to join our Virtual Product Innovation Team.

The Purpose of the Virtual Product Inovation Team

The purpose of this group would be to try out our new product, Whitelines® Paper with the Whitelines® Link App, in the context of your specific major and share how you feel this product would best be used. We will send you a sample pack of our products and ask that in return you share your thoughts on how you would use the product in your current profession or soon to be new career. With 9 specifically designed products with students and professionals in mind, we are sure you will find a product that will assist you in your field of interest or study. Your thoughts and ideas may be showcased on our website and on our social media. Upon completion of your feedback, we will send you an additional product sampling as a thank you gift for participating.

How To Sign Up:

Become part of the Virtual Product Innovation Team by filling out some general information. There are two forms, one to fill out to begin with name, email, mailing address, college or university, and major. After you sign up and are selected, we will email you with information on how to submit your feedback.

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What Happens Next:

Shortly, a sample pack of product will be shipped to you for your review along with additional information on the product and a few questions to answer. We are asking our participants to respond to us within a week of receiving the product. When you have prepared your answers, simply share them with us via the appropriate form on the webpage with how you would prefer your name to appear on social media. After we receive your feedback, another product gift sampling will be sent to you as a thank you for participating.

Already a Wide Range of College and University Students have Shared Numerous Uses for our Product:

Architecture –Sketch Pad and Engineering Pad - Design and Develop Plans and Ideas

Botany/Agriculture – Notebook and Sketch Pad - Note taking with hand drawn images, photographing specimens on the paper (creates a white background and can be scanned into a digital file for easy reference)

Accounting – Legal Pad and Graph Paper – Note taking and Keeping Track of Numbers easily and digitally

Advertising – Notebook and Sketch Pad - Brainstorming thoughts, drawing new marketing ideas, notes with you anywhere needed.

Mathematics/Finance - Legal Pad and Graph Paper – Handwritten notes, numbers, equations, and formulas on your phone, tablet, and desktop.

Astronomy - Notebook and Sketch Pad - Notes, Constellation drawings, sharing information with study groups and online forums.

Design –Sketch Pad, Engineering Pad, Notebook, Legal Pad – Drawings for fashion, architecture, engineering, and more easily converted to digital files and saved and shared with a few clicks on your phone or smart device.

Animation/illustration - Notebook and Sketch Pad -Drawing, doodles, and first starts

Fashion/Interior Design - Notebook and Sketch Pad – Drawings, designs, and the ability to always have a way to properly save your work in a professional, clean format that is professor or client ready.

Medicine - Sketch Pad, Graph Paper, Notebook, Legal Pad - Drawing and mapping out Organ, Nerves, Skeleton, etc. with ease of saving to digital files that can be organized and shared.

Culinary - Notebook and Sketch Pad - Recipes, Ideas, Notes, Needed items for recipes, equations, etc.

Therapist/Psychology – Notebook and Legal Pad – Note taking while with a client, in class, and in life

Travel and Tourism- Notebook and Legal Pad – Notes, photos, ideas and plans.

Business Management - Graph Paper, Notebook, Legal Pad – Great for people always on the run, notes go with them, itemized lists, reminders, etc.

Education - Sketch Pad, Graph Paper, Notebook, Legal Pad - Teacher Notes, Grades, Reminders

Engineering – Engineering Pad (customized to fit the needs of engineering students and professionals) – Designs, schematics, notes, etc.

Writers (Creative writing or Journalists) – Notebook, Legal Pad, Sketch Pad – Interview notes, brainstorming ideas, initial outlines, photos, statistics

Criminal Justice / Law – Legal Pad – Case notes and details handwritten and easily converted to digital

Photography – Notebook, Legal Pad – Photograph items directly on Whitelines® paper to get a clean, white background